Welcome to the Junior Premier League GCC

Euro Motors

Since 1998, Euro Motors set out to position itself as the leader in the automotive industry in the Kingdom of Bahrain and has since come a long way. From a modest start with only BMW, the dealership has managed to acquire premium brands such as MINI, Land Rover, Rolls-Royce, Ferrari, and Maserati under its impressive banner. In doing so, it has preserved each identity with the utmost integrity and dedication.

Euro Motors does not compromise on presentation, quality, technical service, and customer care. Fully committed to the principle of offering the utmost to our customers, the drive to improve profitability is always conditioned to match promise with performance because every Euro Motors customer is valued.


Ellevate is a platform for aspiring football talent to improve their game both on and off the pitch.

Featuring the biggest stars of the Premier League sharing their technical knowledge and personal experiences

We provide young footballers equal access to training and insights led by the best in the game.


Improve your game with the APEX Athlete Series, the FIFA Approved GPS Tracker is the most advanced wearable tech on the market. Track and Analyse your game like the Pro’s. Make yourself fitter, faster and stronger than ever before.


Veo is the ultimate camera for team sports. Record and live-stream your matches automatically and take your game a level up.

Soccer Assist

Scholarships are awarded, and provide a discount on tuition fees, to exceptional student-athletes who demonstrate excellence in their sport as well as their academics. A scholarship works on a percentage basis, so the budget of the athletics department will determine how much can be allocated per student-athlete.

NSX Sport

At NSX we love that every child is an individual, our team of hand-picked staff work hard to encourage and engage everyone to ensure they not only have a great time but also so they get the very best out of their experience, whether that be developing in an elite environment within a pre-season sports training camp or finding a new passion for water sport! Each staff member is trained and qualified to deliver a particular activity or sport, and they take great pride and responsibility in what they do.