Welcome to the JPL GCC Cup Series

Samantha Hill


Soccer has always been a huge passion of mine. My grandad supported Manchester City, and this love was passed down to my dad and then on to myself. I have supported Man City all my life, and in 1998 attended a fixture at Maine Road vs Halifax Town with an attendance of only 11,000 (in other words I was there before the glory days).

My love of soccer progressed into me wanting to coach the sport and I am now a qualified coach.

My soccer coaching career initially began when my son joined a local soccer team who needed coaches and I volunteered to help coach his team. I soon became the manager and managed the team for 4 years.  This then progressed on to me running my own coaching business for 1-6 year olds which I absolutely loved.

Previous to my role in the JPL I have managed a soccer facility in the North East of England which I enjoyed and this gave me the knowledge and experience I needed to join the JPL.

My role as Compliance and Discipline Officer for the JPL allows me to work closely with clubs helping and guiding them to become ‘Fit to Play’ and offering support throughout the season. The Discipline process in place ensures we work hard to keep the standards of the JPL high and by working with clubs we are constantly raising standards.

I am looking forward to working with clubs and officials in the JPL to develop high standards, and competitive leagues and events in the future.

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